P4P Behavior Healthcare offers ABA services to children with autism or related
developmental disabilities in and around Portsmouth, VA.


To provide compassionate, high-quality treatment to children and families affected by
autism and other behavior diagnoses, and help them reach their
full potential through Individualized ABA therapy.


To empower children and families affected by behavior disorders to thrive across the country.

Dr. Rhanada Vazquez, COO

Dr. Rhanada Vazquez earned her BA in Psychology from Saint Leo University, a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from South University, a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Regent University, and a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership from Regent University.

Dr. Vazquez has worked with children with behavioral and mental disabilities for the past ten years. She has provided direct and related services, including psychoeducation, assessment, and behavior skills, to families, including children, teens, and adults. She devotes her time to serving underserved communities, bringing compassion and high-quality service to diverse populations.

Dr. Vazquez oversees the operational functions and provides the overall leadership to the clinical and support teams at P4P Behavior Healthcare.

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Dr. Stacy Coward, ThD, LPC, RN

A transformative, revolutionary, trailblazing, entrepreneur emerged from the streets of inner-city Detroit, Michigan first displayed as a sixteen year old, pregnant, teenaged, little girl who later evolved to Dr. Stacy D. Coward, RN, LPC. She gives God the glory for her life story!

Dr. Coward served for thirteen years in leadership as a Psychiatric Nurse for the Army National Guard across the United States. Dr. Coward is no stranger to hard work that starts from the bottom and works her way up. From CNA to CEO she has remained true as a boots on the ground, in the trenches, leader that understands the power of company culture, strategic planning, compliance, evaluation, holistic approaches, evidence-based practices, and continuum of care services that add value to our customers, employees, families, and communities at large.

She is a published author of over eight mental health and wellness books, as well as a Youtube channel for educational training, that are used as tools for her client population. Dr. Coward’s mechanism for serving the community has been the platform of mental health services in urban communities. She has remained intentional and strategic in adding value and creating impact in the lives of those without a voice by “Changing the world one person at a time!” This has been her hallmark as a community change agent across the United States since 1999.

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